The basics of Jala Neti

If you are familiar with the structure and the internal working of the nasal cavity, it may seem stupid to pour salt water through your nose. Below we have mentioned the process of how things work.

The first layer of nasal defense is the tiny hair called "cilia" which traps any large particles entering the nose. The cilia can be cleaned while breathing and by blowing the nose. But sometimes, breathing and blowing are not enough; in that case, you need to wash out the nasal cavity. The nasal passage, right from the nose tip to the throat is covered with a layer of mucus which is secreted from within the mucus lining. The purpose of the mucous lining is to trap small external particles and bacteria. This mucus is either blown out, coughed out, snorted or just swallowed.

The process of nasal irrigation could be explained in different stages. The first stage of nasal irrigation comprises of water flowing up through one nostril to reach just above the bridge of the nose where usually the air flows meet and then the water flows down and moves out of the other side of the nose. While doing this, the water passes through the frontal and mid nasal sinuses. During this stage, there should be no flow of water going back to the throat or into your mouth. When performed correctly, you would feel nothing at all as the temperature of the water would be equal to the temperature of the blood and the salinity will be the same as the blood. This is the reason why your nose does not feel anything flow through it.
Ideally, at no point, should any water actually go up into the sinus passages. However, some water may accidentally enter this area if the practitioner breathes incorrectly or blows too strongly when drying the nose. This is may cause some momentary discomfort but is nothing dangerous. In an event like this, a few minutes of air - drying is all it takes to get normal.

It is very simple to understand the working of the Jala Neti. The warm water used for rinsing the nasal tract helps loosen up all the buildup along with the dirt and bacteria and washes it out of the nasal tract. Either you are dealing with thick mucus or running sinuses, the relief you get from Jala Neti could immediately be felt. The nose is the "air conditioner" of the body. Apart from breathing, the nose is also meant for the regulation of temperature and humidity of the air we breathe in. Some people have dry noses and suffer from crusty, nose bleed type of situation. Some others deal with "wet" or constantly running sinuses. The third type of people are those with blocked or stuffy nostrils. With regular practice of Jala Neti, you can create the perfect nasal environment.